Right From The Start

A Practical Guide for Helping Young Children with Autism

Karin Donahue
Kate Crassons

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Book Review

We do not provide a point by point analysis of the book, but we do give it a Syd Score, based on how easy of a read, how valuable is it, and would it assist a Special Needs Family.

Right from the Start

“Right from the start is such an easy read, and is really for anyone in the Special Needs Community. I love this book, and the resources provided was invaluable.”

Syd’s Mom

Ease of Use (or Readable)

We are handling this a 8 out of 10 stars. Really easily to read, book is only 160 + pages.  Most of the sections are less than 10 pages.  We did take a few points off, as our print was very small.


While the book was intended for young children with autism, it could be read by any Special Needs Family.  Value is 9 out 10.


This would be a great gift for someone new to our community, or to a Grandmother or Grandfather.  It provides such a positive message, and is full of great resource.  We strongly recommend this book.